In Spring 2010, senior services at GBMC, specifically geriatric medicine and palliative care, were realigned and placed under the stewardship of Gilchrist Hospice Care’s executive director. The new program that was created as a result, Gilchrist Greater Living, is designed to create a "medical home" for frail, elderly and gravely ill patients in Central Maryland.

Where Gilchrist Greater Living care is provided

Gilchrist Greater Living physicians provide medical direction for Gilchrist Hospice Care and the palliative medicine program, and medical direction and/or physician support at more than two dozen care facilities in Central Maryland.

The goals of Gilchrist Greater Living are to provide:

  • a continuum of care as a patient’s condition changes
  • comprehensive and knowledgeable care in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice that is overseen by group of physicians and other medical professionals
  • communication of the patient’s “story” – their medical records, Advance Directives, needs and wishes – across care settings and assruance that it travels with the patient.

caregivers, families and physicians

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