There is much value in being heard. This is why Gilchrist Hospice Care recently added a new volunteer program entitled “Care Giver Support”. The progam is designed to offer caregivers an opportunity to focus on their own needs, both emotionally and physically, instead of entirely on their loved one. The volunteer listens and builds a compassionate relationship with the caregiver - enhancing the caregiver's quality of life by alleviating feelings of isolation, confusion, exhaustion and stress. For many this outreach by our volunteers is a link to the “outside world.”

Our caregiver support volunteers:

  • listen with open hearts and minds
  • provide an additional line of communication
  • give the caregiver control of the conversation
  • give caregivers permission to express their needs and/or feelings
  • encourage different ways to cope
  • listen to the silence

caregivers, families and physicians

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