Through the grass roots efforts of a fundraising committee comprised of Gilchrist Hospice Care staff, Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) staff, and volunteers, we have raised over $250,000 to support Nkoaranga.

The funds have supported the following in Nkoaranga:

  • salary of the hospital's first palliative care physician
  • staff salaries,
  • volunteer stipends,
  • scholarships for children,
  • office expenses,
  • outreach expenses,
  • emergency housing repairs,
  • equipment for the Kids Club for children with HIV,
  • hospital stays for symptomatic patients

and other needs.

Fundraising has included the sales of African bead bracelets and comfort dolls, strung and knitted, respectively, by volunteers. These sales occurred at Gilchrist and GBMC, as well as at festivals and events throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan region. Other funds were raised through voluntary employee payroll deductions, events designated to help the partnership and other contributions.

This funding is closely monitored, through oversight from Global Partners in Care, formerly known as FHSSA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania's Palliative Care Program, and through monthly email communication between Gilchrist and Nkoaranga, and quarterly accounting of their expenses. Our colleagues at Nkoaragna have expressed gratitude time and again for the hope Gilchrist has provided, for the kindness of our staffers and for the opportunities to learn about our clinical practices, both during Gilchrist visits to Tanzania and in their trip to the United States.

Current Needs:

Gilchrist's next goal is to raise funds for a palliative care building to be located at Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital. Currently, palliative care staff must examine patients in conference rooms because they do not have a dedicated facility.

Recent Accomplishments:

Through the generosity of our donors, a Toyota Land Cruiser was purchased and outfitted to serve as an ambulance to transport patients from the villages Nkoaranga serves across rutted, unpaved roads and to the hospital for treatment. The new ambulance was officially put into operation in Fall 2014.

Ambulance Inauguration Video

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