Through a program sponsored by the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa (FHSSA), Gilchrist Hospice Care began a partnership with Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital's hospice and palliative care program in the Arusha Region of Tanzania in 2009. The partnership is one of more than 90 between U.S. hospice organizations and hospice programs in 15 African countries.

why we are helping

Gilchrist Hospice Care has pledged to provide financial, technical and educational support in order to assist them as they struggle to provide hospice care with limited resources.

In Tanzania:

  • The average life expectancy is 50 years
  • 1,400,000 people are living with AIDS/HIV
  • 93,000 people died from AIDS in 2007
  • 970,000 children have been orphaned due to AIDS

The hurdles the Nkoaranga staff face daily are staggering, they:

  • serve over 900 terminally-ill patients every day with only a staff of five and 40 volunteers,
  • have limited medications to help manage pain and other patient symptoms,
  • travel many miles over mountainous terrain and rutted roads trying to reach their poverty-stricken patients.

We hope to share our experience with the Nkoaranga staff as well as receive valuable guidance from their staff about how to do more with less and how to better care for patients in the last stages of HIV/AIDs.

How you can help

Email Robin Stocksdale, Bereavement Services Manager or call 443.849.8283 to learn about opportunities to support Nkoarange Hospice or donate now.

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