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Gilchrist Hospice Care and Joseph Richey Hospice are now working together to offer expert inpatient hospice care for terminally-ill individuals in Baltimore City. Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House, a 19-bed inpatient center, is now part of the comprehensive services offered by Gilchrist. The Center has been caring for patients in Baltimore City since 1987, providing residential, acute and respite care.

The same care, attention and commitment

Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House is home-like in every way and will continue to offer the same dedicated staff, offering care and attention 24/7 and he same commitment to serve all those in need. Each patient has a private room. Our public rooms are graciously appointed and offer the opportunity for recreation, rest and relaxation.  Outside we have two decks where patients and families enjoy the sunshine and flowers. Meals are provided in the patient’s room, or in the dining room, according to each patient’s ability and wish. Laundry and housekeeping are included. Family and friends may visit, day or night. Children are welcome too.

In-patient placement at Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House serves patients with acute symptoms and helps manage complex pain and other symptoms. Short term in-patient placement requires skilled observation and monitoring which may lead to changes in the plan of care, a complex treatment schedule, pain management and symptom control, frequent parenteral injections and intensive education.

Residential placement at Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House is available for those who have no able care giver at home. All GCB-JRH patients are cared for by our team of doctors, registered nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains and volunteers.

Respite Care is provided at Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House because caring for a dying family member can be stressful. We offer a five-day respite period to the patient and family as needed. Under respite, the patient transfers to GCB-JRH for care while the family takes a break. Often families use this time to get away from town for a small vacation.

At the end of the respite the patient returns home and their family resumes care-giving. Our patients enjoy respite care. Often patients worry about the stress their illness places on their family. Taking the load off those they love makes them a true partner in caring.

Pain Control and Symptom Management at Gilchrist Center Baltimore – Joseph Richey House is known for providing truly effective control of pain and symptoms within 24 hours of admission to our programs. Our protocols were designed by our team of physicians under the leadership of our former co-medical director, Dr. Robert Irwin.

Dr. Irwin developed a simple methodology for dealing with end stage symptoms. His measure of success was patient comfort. Throughout the fourteen years he served the hospice, before his untimely death in November of 2000, he was able to craft effective measures to deal with pain. Dr. Irwin employed the least invasive means to deliver relief. Richey uses no needles or sharps delivering medicines orally, rectally, sublingually or topically.

Fortunately, the most effective mode of delivering pain control medicines is orally. Joseph Richey provides continuous pain control so that a patient experiences no breakthrough pain and is able to relax and be comfortable at all times. Anxiety is a key symptom for terminally ill people. Fear of pain leads to great anxiety. JRH methods of pain control ease anxiety so that the patient may relax and enjoy this time with their family and friends.


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